Ten essential oils to help clear acne

While severe acne should always be investigated by a medical professional,
there are steps you can take that don’t involve using harsh medicated products
on your skin. Try one or a combination of these essential oils and see if they
make a difference to your skin. All you need to do with most of these oils s apply
a couple of drops to your hands and massage the oil into the areas affected by acne.

• Lavender – apply neat to areas of concern twice a day.
• Tea Tree -take a small piece of cotton wool, dip it in the tea tree oil and wipe the area.
You may need to dilute tea tree oil with carrier oil if you have sensitive skin.
Try 3 drops of tea tree oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.
• Bergamot oil – combine this gorgeous citrusy oil with coconut, jojoba or olive carrier oil to
make a great acne treatment oil. • Rosemary oil – try adding to an unscented moisturizer
base and use regularly.
• Frankincense oil – has revitalizing and healing properties that work on all skin types and
can really benefit acne.
• Oregano – this essential oil has disinfectant properties and needs to be used sparingly –
dilute well with carrier oil as with tea tree for best effects.

• Chamomile – add a few drops of neat chamomile oil to your face wash daily for the best

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