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What is a Mobile Massage?

Mobile Massage in Danville, KY means that instead of you
driving to a spa we will drive to you.
This allows relaxation and pain reduction benefits
of therapeutic massage in the comfort
and convenience of your
Home, Office or Hotel Room.

Benefits of Mobile Massage

Driving can be one of our most stressful daily activities.
Not to mention finding a parking space.
Not only does make getting a massage in your home
a wonderful convenience, but it will also save you time!
Does it really make sense to drive to a Spa 
for a relaxing massage, only to have to get 
back into your vehicle and experience the
the stress of driving all the way back home?

RELAX...I'll Come To You!

Payments Accepted


For Security

Hotel Out-Calls require a first and last name
that match with the room reservation.
Reservations will be verified with the hotel staff.

What is Expected Upon Arrival

Please choose a quiet location away from any
distractions so that the therapist will have time to
set up equipment and get started right away.

Distractions include

Phone * Children * Pets

Work Area
The area to work in needs to be large
enough for a 6ft. massage table and
enough room to move around.

Kathy attended the massage therapy program at
Spencerian College in Lexington, KY.
Earning her 960 credit hours of the required 600
state minimum.

In college, Kathy’s clinical involved working with
cancer patients at UK Markey Cancer Center.
Kathy also volunteered in a study of massage with
Autistic children.

After graduation, she began her career at the Marriott
Hotel Spa and Resort. During her time there, she
learned a lot about the hospitality business and how
to give the Red Carpet treatment to the guests of
the hotel.

After over 10 years as a massage therapist, Kathy’s
experiences led her to start a mobile massage business.
She saw a need for this service to further reach out to the
community and the tourists in Danville, KY.

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