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Kathy Brackett Benge, L.M.T.

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Massage for circulation: Enhance your body's healing abilities #Massage #Danville #Kentucky #Perryville

Circulation is an absolute requirement for life. We rely on it to grow and for every bodily function. It allows both the blood and the lymphatic fluids (directly linked to the health of the immune system) to bring nutrition to our billions of cells. It also removes waste products and toxins which make us uncomfortable and challenge our good health.

Circulation enhances self-healing
Muscle tension eases when we relax with a massage, allowing blood vessels to expand, which boosts circulation. Circulation works beautifully to enhance the body’s own self-healing properties, bringing nutrition and oxygen to where it is needed. For example, your massage practitioner doesn’t cure your headache. Massage increases circulation which brings fresh blood to your head and neck, allowing your headache to ease.

Even with massage to only one area such as the back, circulation is increased throughout the body. Look in the mirror after your massage. Your flushed cheeks, even when you haven’t received a massage to your face, are a testament to increased blood flow.

Benefits from increased circulation
- Reduced soreness after a workout. Massage speeds the removal of waste products that cause soreness and brings in oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to normalize.

- Repair of injuries. Though direct massage to an injury may not be appropriate, an overall boost in circulation helps you heal faster.

- Better joint health. Whether you have arthritis, a sports injury, or everyday wear and tear, massage can improve natural joint lubrication. Swelling can also decrease.

- Alertness and clear thinking. Increased oxygen in the blood flow to your brain reduces mental tiredness and, at least temporarily, improves your ability to concentrate.

- Stress relief. Massage helps the body clear out accumulated stress chemicals which can make you irritable and overly sensitive. With your tissues revitalized, you will feel more relaxed and may even experience relief from anxiety and depression.